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Akio Niisato was born in Chiba in 1977, and in 2001 completed his training at the Tajimi City Ceramic and Design Center in a region famous for its dense, rich ceramic history. Since 2002 he has participated in more than 17 group exhibitions in Japan, Korea, Italy, and Switzerland and has been featured in the same number of solo exhibitions in Japan.

Luminous Vessel

Although NIISATO is strongly influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese porcelains and explores the inherent qualities of porcelain clay that have contributed to its desirability over the centuries, he eschews popular applied surface decorations, and enhances his sleek modern porcelain vessels and sculptural forms solely with the play of light through small glazed “windows” in the translucent surfaces. After he throws the exceptionally thin wall pieces, he uses a small drill to create patterned openings in the clay. During the final firing, his elegant pearl white glaze fills the drilled apertures, allowing the play of light and water to endow these delicate forms with a luminescence comparable to glass.