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Rusu Aki’s iron sculptures are fabricated out of her careful observation of the characteristics of iron as material and how it changes with varying treatments.

She tries to capture the different expressions that iron instantly shows during the welding, fusing or cooling processes. In some case, these expressions are the small hardened beads of iron melted by a torch, and in other cases they are large flat sheets of iron that she transforms by shaping. Those distinctive varied expressions of manipulated iron that Rusu has discovered become the forms and textures of her sculptures.

Many of her sculptures possess unique differing textures, but she is careful to orchestrate these different textures when conceiving of a finished sculpture. Rusu’s unique sensibility to the raw material and keen observation of what happens during the treatment of it has allowed her to create organic forms which are both intricate and powerful.

In 2017 the artist won the Kikuchi Kanjitsu Prize II promoted by the Musée TOMO in Tokyo.