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Laurenz Stockner.CV

A trained metalworker, Stockner delved into jewellery design while studying in Florence and worked alongside goldsmiths in South Tuscany. He established his own workshop in 2003 in South Tyrol and became a master blacksmith in 2012. In 2015 he was the winner of the Art Aurea Award.

In 2018 Stockner takes place as finalist at the famous Loewe Craft Prize with his Elastic Shape Copper Bowl.
Melding the strength of metal with the ostensible fragility of shells, this copper bowl exudes an almost paradoxical allure.

A masterful command of the material produces a perfectly proportioned hemisphere, but the remarkably thin structure has an elastic quality that allows the bowl to bend. The faint fissures that adorn the surface add to the bowl’s understated sophistication, hinting at the artisan’s playful approach and ephemeral ideas. His embrace of an oscillating effect explores the fragile balance between beauty and utility, riffing on the impermanence of all forms.