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Manuel Bonfanti.CV

Manuel Bonfanti moves his first artistic research in Pop Art. In 1996 he attended Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera in Milan, in the meanwhile he started to create artworks with an ironic and playful accent recalling ordinary objects.

At the same time, Bonfanti is interested in immateriality of objects, researching the spirituality in his artworks. Even if the two aspects, the pop one and the spiritual one, may appear contradictory with each other, for the artist are two sides of the same coin. He claims: “An object is not only material, it has an invisible world around as well”.

The artist, thinking about the no-sense of Pop, came across the Empty: a new aspect he wants to research and find out. From the empty come out his objects, things that move in a specific space. 

The atmosphere, the invisible space between objects and people, is the core of Bonfanti’s artistic research. In his mind the atmosphere is what shapes and drives objects.