Takeshi YASUDA

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Tokyo, (Japan), 1943.


A master of porcelain clay, Yasuda trained at Japan’s prestigious Daisei-Gama Pottery school before setting up his own studio in Kita Mashiko. In 2010, he directed the Pottery Workshop in China, helping to develop the residence program. In 2011, he co-founded Red House Studio in Jingdezhen.

Ever since he began working with porcelain clay, Takeshi Yasuda has endeavoured to make peace with his material. His meditative musings are poured into this compressed vessel which gleams confident with gold from within, suggesting a sense of fulfilment and artisanal sagacity. A convergence of traditional Jingdezhen porcelain and Qingbai glaze combined with colloidal gold, the smooth veneer contrasts with the subtle ripples of the interior.