Destito represents the materialisation of popular and common sayings, often custodians of hidden truth in the eyes of many, that used as titles (like The End Justifies the Means, Trojan Horse or Don’t Cry for Me Angelina..), rise from integral part to essential property and aesthetic potential of the artworks.

The endearing ironic approach, congenital in the form and content of the works, is another piece in the relationship between artwork and public. Claudio Destito, by using irony shows us the surrounding reality from a different point of view and allowing to focus the attention on some aspects that usually do not appear immediately.
The artist’s purpose is to create the most democratic art by going beyond the boundaries of the conceptual and paying particular attention to the materials with which he works.

Destito, by quoting Canadian sociologist McLuhan, synthetises the concept in the famous expression “medium is the message”; so that Destito distances himself from design and crafts, making stylistic choices widening the repertoire of perceptions, usually solicited in the observer, which becomes an integral part of the finishing and fruition of the artwork.