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Fukumoto Fuku was born in 1973 in Kyoto,she graduated at Kyoto City University of Arts in 1997.


She is ambivalent about the pervasiveness of Kyoto’s history in the work of its contemporary craftspeople. While she respects her city’s cultural legacy and even takes civic pride in the products of its established ceramics finesse, she does not succumb entirely to the sway of the past in her own work.


Her debut was a striking one. In 2001, she won the grand prix in the Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition. Her work was powerful and vivid, far from what one would expect of an artist still at the beginning of her career.


Following a bisque firing, Fukumoto joins the fragments to one another and to the main body of the vessel with a green or peacock-colored oxide glaze. Each vessel feels uniquely shaped, sometimes presenting a human-like silhouette.