Giuliano GAIGHER

Bio | Works

Treviglio (Italy), 1964
Giuliano Gaigher’s personal artistic path is marked by a development, both technical and expressive.

On the technical side, Gaigher’s fascination for material is a firm presence in his productions. In the first sculptures it is witnessed by glass textures; later it is revealed by the suspension pf the forms in the space through metallic webs; more recently it expresses itself in a multi-materials fusion into which different forms and materials are mixed as the final result of a long aesthetic research.
On the expressive side, after his first more figurative (even if “geometrical”) works, Gaigher has refined his language: it has become evocative, centered on the role of imagination, whose symbolic aim is feed and close to the meaning. Into this artistic and personal evolution it is possible to find out some real “obsessions”. They are themes like the passage, the cross-over, the veiling and revealing, the sign.

It is a simple poetic, but at the same time it is really effective. The spectator is free to read it in theological or more natural forms. Life, World and Horizon of Meaning are the boundaries of Gaigher’s aesthetic.

Through the years the artist has gained several prizes, shown nationally and internationally.
Some of his artworks are in permanent collections, such as at the Museum Paolo VI in Brescia and at the museum of Glass MusVerrea Sars-Potenes in France.