Vezzini & Chen

Light between Art and Design
17/04/2018 – 11/05/2018

London design-duo, Vezzini & Chen present their unique glass and ceramic creations at ESH Gallery during Milan Design Week 2018. Vezzini & Chen will present a selection of their iconic work, like Close up light and their 2018 new work Gem light. Known for their artful marriage of hand carved ceramics and blown glass, Vezzini & Chen’s work treads a fine line between functional and conceptual, with the duo creating sculptural lighting, sculptural object and installation pieces.


For the occasion Vezzini & Chen will be showing a new porcelain wall light, Acropora, as well as a wall installation, Water & Sand, and a group of glass and ceramic pendant lights, Gem lightsIntriguing yet elegant and unique, these new creations give a sense of calm and peacefulness. Vezzini & Chen demonstrate once again their love and knowledge of glass and ceramic, their attention to detail as well as their love of nature and the underwater world.