Tesori da passeggio
14/12/2021 – 28/01/2022

Opening: 14th December


ESH Gallery is pleased to present Walking Treasures, the exhibition dedicated to contemporary jewel that for the sixth year will illuminate the city of Milan with its selection of international artists.

The gallery will explore the fascinating universe of artists’ jewel, highlighting the techniques and materials used for each creation. Jewelry in metal, glass, ceramic, with stones and natural elements, which will allow a new interpretation of adornment exploring the boundary between art and design.
The viewer will find on display unique works of art to wear: small handmade sculptures, unique pieces of innovative design that contain in their form the original language of the artist.
In this scenario, made of nuances far from the conventional shades of gold and silver, come to life the creations of Walking Treasures: treasures to be exhibited on your skin, symbolic elements that reflect an aesthetic research first of all on themselves.

From the union of glass and metal comes to life the SURI&ROS Collection, the result of the collaboration between Agustina Ros and Giulia Vecchiato, exhibited for the first time after an initial online presentation on the occasion of New York Jewelry Week 2020.
Each jewel is born from hand-finished metal plates on which blown glass is applied through a balanced play of contrasts between volumes. Unique feature of the collection is the multi-functionality: brooches become pendants, earrings become necklaces and so on, with the result of having more jewelry in one.

Annarita Bianco (Merıstėma Lab) aims to mix traditional craftsmanship and technological progress, combining biology with digital. Her sparkling and elegant creations are the result of a deep reflection on the Anthropocene, the current geological era in which human activity has led to the total alteration of the natural world. The result is jewelry made from USB cables, worked with resins set on silver plates and laser engraved to simulate the appearance of modern fossils.
Natural world and innovative design take shape again in the creations of Annachiara Zani, a young new graduate from Ied in Milan and recently nominated for the Klimt02 New Talent Award.
In the NOW.HERE.VOID Collection light becomes a necessary means to reveal that beyond the tangible reality there is something else waiting to be revealed. Alabaster, a semi-transparent material, becomes the tool to show what exists and what we cannot see. Placed against the light his jewels reveal, behind their elliptical shape, an inscription that reads “VISIBLE”.

The same interest in emptiness can be found in the jewels of the well-known German artist Karin Seufert. Her pendants, constructed from small dots of PVC, are unexpectedly light, empty shapes that have the illusion of weight and recall architectural forms. The porcelain brooches, on the other hand, follow a continuous search for wearability achieved through the use of materials uncommon in the field of jewelry.

On display once again are the gold and silver jewels of Laura Forte, creations characterised by essential lines and shapes that, when combined with the minimalist style of Yoko Takirai, are perfectly in tune with the research of ESH.
Artists presented: Sara Barbanti, Paula Castro, Laura Forte, Saimi Joutsi, Kaori Juzu, Annarita Bianco (Merıstėma Lab), Valentina Romen, Agustina Ros, Karin Seufert, Yoko Takirai, Giulia Vecchiato (SURI Jewelry), Laura Volpi, Angie Wu, Annachiara Zani, Alice Zanin.