Walking Treasures VII

Tesori da Passeggio
01/12/2022 – 23/12/2022
Daria Olejniczak
Abundance I
silver, gold-plated with 24K

Chiara Davanzo
925 silver, Stainless steel, electroformed copper, ABS, patina
8.7 x 5 x 3.5 cm

Giulia Lentini
925 silver, amethyst (violet) and tourmalines green
Namkyung Lee
silver, photograph, printed on acrylic
7,3 x 12 x 2 mm
Sara Barbanti
999 silver
Miriam Arentz
Carabus Apollo
4,8 x 2,7 cm
Laura Volpi
Juntao Ouyang
silver, chinese lacquer, mother of pearls

WALKING TREASURES VII. Tesori da Passeggio
1 December 2022 – 27 January 2023
Open by appointment


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ESH Gallery is pleased to present Walking Treasures. Tesori da passeggio, an exhibition dedicated to contemporary jewelry that for the seventh year will light up the city of Milan with its selection of international artists.


Once again, the gallery will explore the fascinating universe of artist’s jewelry by highlighting the techniques and materials used for each creation. Jewels in gold, silver, bronze, glass, with stones and natural elements, which will allow a new interpretation of the ornament concept by exploring the thin border between art and design.


In this scenario the creations of Walking Treasures come to life: unique works of art to wear, one-of-a-kind pieces of innovative design that embody the original language of the artist.


In a current reality that is so sensitive to social changes and the constant shifting of aesthetic standards, an investigation focused on the concept of fluidity is also evident in the field of jewelry, reflecting the desire for renewal and orientation toward forms that are increasingly released from traditional canons.


In this direction works the talented Daria Olejniczak, a Berlin-based artist who makes gold and silver rings and earrings with a dynamic soul. Born as a lighting designer after graduating in jewelry design from the Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence, the artist strives to achieve the feeling of fluidity through almost meditative work that breaks down form into simple elements and then recomposes them through soft, continuous lines.


Freedom of movement is the starting point in the research of Chiara Davanzo, winner of the First Student Prize at Venice Design Week 2022. In brilliant silver castings, the young Swiss designer explores the body as transformable matter through jewelry with liquid materiality, shaped into organic and sinuous lines. Her collections, from the Liquid Creators series to Eardrops, are created by hand and emphasize the synergy between craftsmanship and design attentive to contemporary wearability.


The same attention to traditional techniques is seen in the work of Miriam Arentz, whose beetle-brooches bring the ancient practice of guillochè back into vogue. Through precise engraving on silver, Miriam manages to bring to life curious creatures that, thanks to intricate decorative motifs and the use of coloured enamels, transformed as by metamorphosis into shining precious gems.


Exhibited for the first time in the gallery, Giulia Lentini‘s lost-wax casting jewelry with coloured stones will enchant visitors with its reference to the underwater environment and the organic forms they are inspired by.


Annarita Bianco (Meristema Lab) and Sara Barbanti will present their new collections in silver and resin. The former’s jewelry, made from usb cable scraps are assembled with resins and silver plates to represent modern fossils of the technological age, evolving this year through the inclusion of raw metals.


Sara Barbanti’s work, on the other hand, characterized by the use of metals and charcoal, moves away from the strict use of black and white, enriching itself with colorful nuances: dissolved forms in silver, with curved and flowing lines, for the first time fused with fire enamels.


Artists featured: Miriam Arentz, Sara Barbanti, Annarita Bianco (Meristema Lab), Chiara Davanzo, Namkyung Lee, Giulia Lentini, Daria Olejniczak, Juntao (Asa) Ouyang, Laura Volpi.