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Yoichiro Kamei & Marco Paghera

27/11/2014 - 24/12/2014

Yoichiro Kamei and Marco Paghera offer two different approaches to the concept of space through a peculiar code astonishingly similar from East to West.
Yoichiro Kamei from Japan, presents his “Lattice Receptacle“ series, offering with rigorous ceramics technique, a vision of the surroundings determined by the juxtaposition of a single unit – the hollow cube – a body that talks with the exterior and the inside void. Yoichiro Kamei combines a personal and original architectural concept to produce highly complex porcelain structures.
Besides to the Receptacles, Marco Paghera presents his metallic sheets: astonishingly similar and complementary creations to Kamei’s work. Marco combines metals with special resins reaching a perfect balance of forms and concepts. He evokes spaces and mental landscapes shaped into apparently serial structures.
The exhibition SPATIAL CODES marks the opening of ESH activities, a place where contemporary Italian and International artists – with a specific affinity with decorative arts – engage different aspects of space and nature by creating works of art in ceramics, glass, metal and organic materials.