Express and Explore

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Express and Explore

Contemporary Japanese Glass

14/09/2021 - 26/11/2021
Shohei Yokoyama Amorphous 18-40 2021 Glassblowing cm 29 × 40 × 34
Ryo Sekino Kokusyo 2021 Glassblowing cm 28 x 18,5
Ryo Sekino Kokusyo 2018 Glassblowing cm 30 x 18
Yoshiaki Kojiro Structural blue 15.9 2021 Glass cm 10 x 15 x 15
Yoshiaki Kojiro Structural blue 25R.1 2018 Glass cm 20,5 x 25 x 25
Yoshiaki Kojiro Sinking composition 2015 Glass cm 18 x 5 x 20
Yoshiaki Kojiro Breaking composition 2017 Glass cm 19 x 5 x 27
Runa Kosogawa The petal that reminds 2018 Glass cm 4,4 x 14 x 8
Runa Kosogawa Flower Diary 2013 Glass cm 7 x 12 x 12



Express and explore-Japanese glass-Press release


Special opening: 28th October, from 6pm to 9pm

ESH Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Express and Explore, a group show dedicated to contemporary Japanese glass organised on the occasion of Milan Art Week 2021.

The exhibition’s aim is to bring the public closer to beauty through the work of five Japanese artists who use glass as a material of expression: works suspended between space and time, halfway between art, design and craft that will expand the exhibition offer of Milan after a long period of forced closure.

Although far from each other in technique and aesthetic research, the sculptures on display draw attention to an art form that, for a long time bound to tradition, today is the subject of experimentation by the younger generations of Japanese who look to the West to exploit the countless plastic potential. In the creation of their works, the artists presented “express and explore” themselves, and in the act of making art they combine their emotions, sensations and beliefs with the material to create the form.

The works that emerge from this endless exploration are imbued with freshness and energy, and with each encounter we find that they stir our own, innate energy for living in today’s world, and the joy of letting our imaginations fly.

Artworks by Yoshiaki Kojiro, Runa Kosogawa, Ōki Izumi, Ryo Sekino, Shohei Yokoyama.