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Works by Philip Melling

14/05/2015 - 04/06/2015







ESH Gallery_Philip Melling

For the first time in Italy, English artist Philip Melling will present Fused Elements, a solo exhibition with sculptures from the Elements Collection and the brand new series, City of Angles.
In his artistic production, Philip is focused on metals (steel, bronze and copper) taking inspiration from Nature. The Elements Collection is based on the study of natural elements such as, water, air, fire, earth and their linked phenomena, the reactions derived from their encounter. Here Melling approaches the possibilities given from the continuative and repeated use of metal rings, juxtaposed and modelled to exemplify movement’s forms and the natural elements combination, resulting in fluid lightness.
Different the approach in City of Angles, where Melling uses modular bi-dimensional structures, giving life to three-dimensional realities similar to cityscapes: that wasn’t the author aim, but the striking architectures result in a city with rusted towers and claustrophobic spaces reminescent of Dis, the Infernal city from Dante’s Inferno, with its red-coloured towers and walls scorched from eternal fires. Geometric forms, assembled into a specific order, try to conceive anxieties within the areas; chaos is imprisoned within the walls. The sculpture is made in sections that can be detached and reassembled into different positions, giving the possibility to create alternative structural worlds, therefore the space – fixed, dynamic and repeated – becomes the absolute protagonist.