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Works by Stefania Pennacchio

08/03/2016 - 17/04/2016



ESH Gallery_Stefania Pennacchio_Hydros sacre memorie femminili

The gallery will present the artwork by ceramist Stefania Pennacchio, who will guide us through a fascinating journey into the sacred and ancient world of the mysterious Mediterranean Sea, thanks to an innovative and contemporary artistic language, where female figures, sacred and water are constant presences.
The exhibition supports the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, and a part of the proceeds will be donated to “Pink is Good”, a special Foundation’s project born in 2014 to fight breast cancer, by financing scholarships to researchers studying this particular pathology. Visitors will receive dedicated information on “Pink is Good” and a leaflet explaining how important it is to educate for prevention on breast cancer.
The art of Stefania Pennacchio, originates from a semantic terrain rooted in the ancient Greek world, myths, and in the deep blue of the Mediterranean. An heritage leading to a layered story of cultures, ancient civilizations and memories.
The exhibition shows twenty sculptures made of experimental ceramics and Raku (an old Japanese technique), some of them lighted from inside with led, others immersed into salt water symbol of memory and holiness.
A limited jewellery series linked to the exhibition theme, will be available representing small walking sculptures.
Ogival forms and spheres point to an ancient language and feminine, emphasized by harmonious curves, where the presence of Classic gently disappeared with the deformation of the body.
Altar intended as temple or shrine: an aesthetic journey telling the feminine influence in history. This is a tale on the genesis of the idea of the family and the entire society from past up to our times, about the role of the woman as builder of the future and the society. Sea-water is the memory, remembering and recording everything from the past and preparing the future.
Mediterranean Sea is the blue cradle where this ancient culture is preserved in his abyss, journeys, oral tradition and rituals.