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Japan in black and white

Sumi, Lacquer and Porcelain

04/04/2017 - 12/05/2017
Kouzo Takeuchi Modern remains: castle Porcelain 2013 55 x 37 x 47 cm
Mizuho Koyana Breeze sumi, ink, pastel, pencil on paper, wood panel 2015 100,5 x 68,2 cm
Sogen Chiba Swirl sumi, paper, wood panel 2016 33 x 24 cm





CS_Japan in Black and White

ESH Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition “Japan in black and white“, a group show organised on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2017 in collaboration with Kitai Gallery from Tokyo.

The exhibition presents artworks by Japanese artists made with sumi ink, the traditional black pigment used in the Oriental calligraphy. Sumi works will be joined by urushi lacquer and porcelain sculptures that will try to involve the public in a Japanese atmosphere dominated by black and white shades.

ESH Gallery confirms its interest in the materials and techniques related to the Eastern aesthetics – the focus of the gallery – exploring works by artists able to lead the public in a long journey where tradition declines in forms closer to contemporary aesthetics.

Artworks by Sogen Chiba, Yoichiro Kamei, Mizuho Koyama, Takeshi Igawa, Shingo Muramoto, Akio Niisato, Yuko Nishimura, Kouzo Takeuchi, Reiko Tsunashima. 


JAPAN IN BLACK AND WHITE: Sumi, lacquer and porcelain

(April 4 – May 12, 2017)

Opening: Tuesday April 4, 2017 – 6.00 pm
from Wednesday April 5 to Thursday April 13, 2017: 10.30 am – 6.30 pm
from April 14 to May 12: by appointment

Via Forcella 7, Milan (M2 P.ta Genova)