Light between Art and Design

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Light between Art and Design

Vezzini & Chen

17/04/2018 - 11/05/2018
Vezzini & Chen Water and Sand furnace glass, porcelain, gold lustre 18 kt cm 120 x 120
Vezzini & Chen Frost furnace glass 2018 3 sizes available cm 10-13 / 17-20 / 27-30
Vezzini & Chen Forest of light furnace glass, porcelain 2018 cm 50 x 110 x 45
Vezzini & Chen Gem light furnace glass, porcelain 2018 size vary
Vezzini & Chen Close up furnace glass, bone china (ceramic) 2017 cm 25 x 28 x 26
Vezzini & Chen Fragments porcelain 2017 cm 43 x 24 / cm 25 x 15



ESH Gallery_Press release_Vezzini&Chen

APRIL 17th 2018  – MAY 11th 2018

Opening hours:

From 18 to 27 April: 11.00 – 19.00

May 2nd – May 11th: 10.00 – 14.00

10.00 – 14.00 by appointment

Closed: April 28 – May 1


On the occasion of Milano Design Week,  ESH Gallery presents the exhibition Light between Art and Design, a solo show dedicated to the sculpto-designers Vezzini & Chen.

London design-duo will present a selection of their iconic work, like Close up light and their 2018 new work Gem light. Known for their artful marriage of hand carved ceramics and blown glass, Vezzini & Chen’s work treads a fine line between functional and conceptual, with the duo creating sculptural lighting, sculptural objects and installation pieces.

Graduates of the Royal College of Art, in London, Cristina Vezzini specialises in hand crafted ceramics and Stan Chen is an accomplished glassblower. The designers bring their two disciplines, materials and aesthetic worlds together, combining fluid forms inspired by nature with intricate detail, repetition, texture and geometry. The outcome is a rich interaction and visual dialogue between ceramic and glass, light and shadow.

For the occasion Vezzini & Chen will be showing a new porcelain wall light, Acropora, latest sculpture lighting work that takes inspiration from one type of coral. The texture on the porcelain pieces shows the verity of the textures and species that live in the ocean. The fading colour effect, from white to dark grey mimic the light effect while going deep underwater.

Water and Sand installation takes inspiration from nature. Its textures on both glass and ceramic are inspired by the marks on the sand created by the wind in the desert and by the small intricate detail we can find in nature and underwater.

Its composition is inspired by the ripple created by a drop in the water. Thanks to its colours, its intricate textures and the light and shadows it creates, this installation gives a sense of calm and tranquillity to the viewer.


Porcelain vases from the Fragments series will also be presented. Inspired by rock formation, it is a limited edition of 15. The surface is hand carved following the faceted form of the vase. The different textured surfaces create an interplay between light and shadow typical of Vezzini & Chen’s work.


ESH Gallery confirms its interest in international artists whose artworks engage the conception of space and natural elements. Emphasizing on contemporary ceramics, metalwork, glass and organic materials, ESH’s artists, exercise on traditional techniques, driving toward the fuzzy boundaries between art and design.

The gallery’s aim is to involve the audience into a journey toward a new dialogue between art and craft, traditions and contemporary research.