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Tesori da passeggio

04/12/2020 - 29/01/2021
Kaori Juzu Moon Gazing from Jeppa-Ro enamel, glass, copper, gold, bi-color, shakudo (Japanese alloy)
Sara Barbanti, Mirror brooch, coal, paper, silver, gold, steel
Francesca Urciuoli Mokume-Gane bracelet, sterling silver, red brass, copper
Yoko Takirai Cube earrings, silver 925, inox steel
Valentina Romen Fluid borders brooch, bronze
Sara Barbanti Flood brooch, coal, resin, silver, steel
Saimi Joutsi earrings, acid free paper, steel
Paula Castro bracelet, gold plated silver
Laura Volpi Linea continua necklace, satin bronze
Giulia Savino earrings, brass powder coated-silver
Andrea Vaggione Levity collection earrings, steel, silver



Walking Treasures 5-Press Release-ESH Gallery

ESH Gallery is pleased to present the fifth edition of Walking Treasures. Tesori da passeggio, the annual event dedicated to contemporary jewellery.

Interested to investigate the world of decorative arts of excellence, ESH Gallery wants this exhibition to explore the fine line between innovation and craftsmanship focusing on the languages and materials linked to sculpture. Wearable artworks that will help reinterpret the traditional idea of ornament through the exclusive and original language of the artist.

The selected jewels are all unique, hand-made pieces that celebrate the dialogue between art and nature, between design and space research all of which is consistent with the study that the Gallery has always strived to convey.

Presented artists: Sara Barbanti, Paula Castro, Saimi Joutsi, Kaori Juzu, Valentina Romen, Giulia Savino, Yoko Takirai, Francesca Urciuoli, Andrea Vaggione, Laura Volpi.