Jewelry Design IED

ESH Gallery Very very precious 10

Jewelry Design IED

the group exhibition of jewelry design by IED Milan graduates.
9 collections for 9 IED Jewelry Design projects, exhibited at ESH Gallery from 14th to 15th July 2022.

Very Very Precious, a group show promoted by the European Institute of Design at ESH Gallery, featuring nine jewelry collections resulting from as many thesis projects by the international students of Jewelry Design IED Milan.
The exhibition finds space in the contemporary art gallery in the Tortona district, which focuses its artistic research on Italian and international authors active in the indistinguishable border between art, design and craftsmanship, with proposals that guide the public on a path toward a new dialogue between decorative arts tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

The collections on display – expressions of a design methodology that appeals to the universal language of Design – are united by a wide research that starts from the individual, reflecting the DNA of the three-year IED course in Jewelry Design: a path that embraces the complex scenario of contemporary jewelry with a cultural, technical and design preparation, in a dialogue between two apparently distant realities – the personal and experimental approach and company-oriented design – both fundamental for future jewelry designers.