Marta Benet – Plecs n. 10


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Artist: Marta Benet
Date: 2021
Measures: 47 x 39 cm (frame/cornice)
Technique: Rough stoneware on canvas wooden frame / Grès grezzo su tela cornice in tiglio


Marta Benet is a Spanish designer and architect. She was trained at the Politecnico in Valencia in Fashion Design, then in 2013 she opened her fashion atelier specialized in made-to-measure pieces. Two years later she moved to Milan where she continued to work as a designer, as well as coming into contact with ceramics. This experience led to the idea of a personal project, which combines various disciplines through the recovery of manual activities. Today she works in her home-studio in Asola, in the province of Mantua, where she designs and creates objects in a limited edition, unique or customized pieces, in fabric and in ceramics. Her multidisciplinary education has allowed her to develop an experimental approach, based on promoting artisanal techniques and the use of materials of natural origin in contemporary design.