MERISTÈMA LAB (Annarita Bianco) – Earrings


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Artist: MERISTÈMA LAB (Annarita Bianco)
Collection: Morphosis
Title: Trimetric small
Year: 2022

Measures: 3.7 x 1.9 x 1.2 cm

Description: Earrings – 925 Silver, Stainless steel, electroformed copper, ABS, patina

Artist Bio: Merıstėma Lab is founded by Annarita Bianco, bachelor degree in Interior Design, Master degree in Architectural Design, freelance graphic designer, trainee goldsmith and jewellery designer. Always looking for something that merges technological research and craftsmanship, humanistic studies and scientific theories. Questioning the matter, seeking its unexpressed values is always my core topic of interest.