Daria Olejniczak – Earrings



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Artist: Daria Olejniczak
Title: Big Bubbles

Measures: 4 cm

Description: Earrings – silver


Artist Bio: Daria Olejniczak is a Berlin-based jewellery artist and lighting designer. She graduated in Architecture from the Technical University of Lodz (Poland) and received a Master Degree in Lighting Design from the Hochschule in Wismar (Germany). After several successful years of experience in the lighting design field Daria attended Alchimia Jewellery School in Florence (Italy) where she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Jewellery Design. In her working process she strives toward a flow experience; complete absorption in a single task. In her case it is primarily a repetitive almost meditative work with small-scale objects which are intuitively transformed through a long process of disassembly reorganization and reconstruction.