Giovanna STRADA

Bio | Works

Giovanna Strada born in Ragusa (Italy), lives and works in Milan.

She obtained her Degree in Industrial Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan having among her professors Bruno Munari, Gaetano Kanizsa and Nino Di Salvatore.

Her works, consisting of primary geometric shapes, structured by a constructive logic, relate and develop in the space interacting with the architectural environment.


Her interest is directed to those incomplete figures that result in visible outlines even when these do not exist physically. Small pictorial units are juxtaposed on the wall following geometrical-logical relations which gave rise to the creation of illusory figures in which the emptiness interacts with the work creating a dynamic spatial situation.


A real fragmentary space results in an unitary immaterial space. The observer becomes the protagonist in the construction of the work, putting in place a mental process based on their own experience and their own imagination.


Her work has been selected in national and international exhibitions.


Since 1998 she is partner of Micieli Design Workshop in Milan.