Guido DE ZAN

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Guido De Zan was born in Milan in 1947. After working in the assistance to mentally disabled children and a degree in Sociology from the University of Trento, in 1975 he began his research in the field of ceramics and opened Coccio, a workshop under the shadow of the Colonne di San Lorenzo, where he still works today. For the past twenty-five years, using stoneware and porcelain, De Zan has dedicated his work almost exclusively to vases and sculptures.


His works, with clear and thin surfaces, express lightness, rigour and formal purity. To this paper effect De Zan combines his graphic research of fine lines that create the impression of chiaroscuro typical of drawings or engravings on paper.


In particular, as the art historian Anty Pansera writes in Creatura di città, De Zan has developed an obsession for certain buildings in his city, Milan, to which he has dedicated careful curiosity in order to reproduce/re-propose them in stoneware and porcelain sculptures, translating them into ‘landscapes’ of unusual beauty that suggest an intimate interpretation of the city based on the perception of volumes. Towers, first of all, for their “characteristics of power and strength but also of ideal elevation towards the infinite”, pyramids, ziggurats, cathedrals and then the ‘Velasca’ and skyscrapers.


“Guido is one of the few ceramists who takes care to give not only a shape to his objects, but also a special skin, a texture handmade by himself”.
Bruno Munari