Kyou-Hong LEE

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Kyou-Hong Lee among the leading figures in glass art in Korea, focuses his work on the themes of space and time while refining his practice in the increasingly expressive field through color.


In the Breathing of Light series, Lee brings to life works suspended between the material and immaterial through ethereal-looking surfaces that investigate the idea of movement and transformation.

Irregularly dynamic crystal elements emerge from the sheets of etched glass and characterized by blurred colors, appearing to float in the stillness of matter.

The final result is striking: with natural light, the works create reflections and shades of color, altering the environment and creating a continuous movement within the work.


Lee describes this exploration of the contours of light in the series as:

“… a song of praise for the divine and brilliant light. The light of my heart radiates strong positive energy, but it also possesses the vision of ‘Jung-Joong-Dong’ (stillness in motion).”


Public Collection:
European Museum of Modern Glass, Coburg, Germany
Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Museum, Munich, Germany