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Runa Kosogawa’s approach to art is based on observing small things and ordinary events usually overlooked during our hectic daily life.


This analytical ability of the artist has matured by taking care of and dealing with the illness and death of people close to her. Under these circumstances Runa realised that her thoughts somehow corresponded to that of the language of flowers and it was then that she began to use them as a model for her works.


In 2012 Runa, who had always lived in residential and urban areas with which she never felt a bond, moved to the city of Takayama. She established a profound connection with this place, full of new natural beauty.


Runa has chosen glass as the material to express her art. Due to its fragility, glass is able to convey that sense of transience that characterizes plants and life in general. It was already a part of the Japanese artistic tradition to paint flowers and small insects in order to express the ephemeral and transitory nature of life.


Technically the artist tries to transfer the “random” imperfections and irregularities that characterize ceramics to glass, material which is usually manipulated with precise and clear shapes due to its difficult malleability and hardness. This artistic choice is linked to the Japanese idea of accepting nature as it is instead of trying to change it at will.