ESH VEADAMÀ – Fire and Earth

Contemporary Craft from Israel
24/09/2019 – 31/10/2019

In order to celebrate the beginning of the fifth exhibitions’ season, ESH Gallery is pleased to present “ESH VEADAMÀ. FIRE AND EARTH. Contemporary Craft from Israel”.
The exhibition represents the chance to dive into the many shades of Israeli contemporary craft. 
Then it is the right occasion to explain to the public the gallery’s name; ESH in Jewish means fire. From ceramic to glass, from metal to contemporary jewelry, the group exhibition celebrates Israel landscapes and the colors of the Middle East. Those are the elements that mainly inspired the artists, and the fire is the living and the primordial element, necessary to create.

With this event, enquiring the traditional techniques and their contemporary reinterpretation, ESH Gallery wants to point out the contemporary languages of Israel through the artworks of four artists. Even if using different materials, they became in dialogue creating interesting connections.