Milan Art Week 2022

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Milan Art Week 2022

On the occasion of the Milan Art Week 2022, ESH Gallery presents:

March 29 – April 2 2022
11:00 am – 19:00 pm

A selection of Japanese artists working with urushi lacquer, one of Japan’s oldest and most precious traditional art forms.
In the Land of the “Rising Sun”, the term urushi is used to refer to lacquer extracted from the urushi plant, which only grows in Japan and parts of South-East Asia. Traditionally, the Japanese word is thought to derive from uruwashi (beautiful, pleasant) and uruosu (moist and luxurious). In fact, urushi is a lacquer commonly prized for its brilliance, elegance and the shine it gives to the objects it covers.

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The exhibition will also feature the young talent of the new generation of lacquer art: Hiroshi Kaneyasu.
Kaneyasu’s works mainly engage the three elements of colour, shape and tact related to urushi lacquer, one of Japan’s most precious art forms. Feeling the colour is a visual act of perceiving light, or an abstract action that evokes and recalls memory, and it is a tactile act of perceiving the intrinsic qualities of the material.

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